Saturday, 5 December 2015

Gel Polish Pro Kit | Christmas By Red Carpet Manicure

Christmas has officially started here on Hope, Freedom, Love! This year I've got a whole host of gifts that I'm going to be reviewing for you. So if you're looking for the perfect gift for your mum, dad, sister, boyfriend, best friend (or even yourself) you're in the right place! At the beginning of December I'll also be sharing my Christmas Gift Guides which will be a giant blog post sharing all of my favourite gifts for the season.

Today's gift review has to be one of my favourite from my whole Christmas roundup. It comes from Red Carpet Manicure and it's their limited edition, Christmas Professional LED Kit. It's officially called the Gel Polish Pro Kit and inside you get everything you need to do a gel manicure from the comfort of your dining table. The whole kit comes in a gorgeous black patent bag and inside you have a whole host of goodies. You get the LED lamp which has been decorated in a gold finish for the Christmas season and you even get 'Good As Gold' which is a sparkly gold nail polish, so you're all set for your nails to rock at the New Years Eve party. 

I'd never tried a real gel manicure at home before, so I was intrigued to see just how easy it is! Luckily it's pretty simple and it only takes five steps to get from bare nails, to a beautiful gel manicure. The first thing you do is prep your nails with RCM Prep, this ensures your nails are completely clean and ready for the gel. You then apply a thin coat of the RCM Structure Base Coat Gel and then you place your nails under the light for 30 seconds. Red Carpet Manicure recommend that you do your four fingers first and then do your thumb separately.

Once you've prepped your nails and added the base coat, it's now time for colour! So you paint a thin coat of the nail polish on your nails and then place your nails under the light for 45 seconds. You need to repeat this process so that you paint every nail twice. You then add the RCM Brilliance Top Coat onto the nails and place your nails under the light for 45 seconds. The last thing you have to do is remove any residue with RCM Purify Cleanser, then you are good to go. 

As well as the Gel Polish Pro Kit, Red Carpet Manicure have also released their new 'Vintage Glamour Christmas Collection' which is a range of nail polish shades. There's everything from a pale pink, to my personal favourite, which is a sultry deep blue.

The Red Carpet Manicure Limited Edition Christmas Professional LED Kit, retails for £89.95 (here). Each of the Red Carpet Manicure Vintage Glamour Shades retail for £12.95 each (here).
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