Monday, 23 November 2015

Three Little Nights of Peace | Christmas by Neom

Christmas has officially started here on Hope, Freedom, Love! This year I've got a whole host of gifts that I'm going to be reviewing for you. So if you're looking for the perfect gift for your mum, dad, sister, boyfriend, best friend (or even yourself) you're in the right place! At the beginning of December I'll also be sharing my Christmas Gift Guides which will be a giant blog post sharing all of my favourite gifts for the season.

Neom have launched their 'Scent To Make You Feel Good' range, which is their special Christmas Collection for 2015. The whole range has been given a sprinkle of gold or platinum and it's focussing on enabling you to give a real therapeutic gift. The range includes two Christmas candles; Christmas Wish (that has been given a sprinkle of real gold) and Perfect Peace (which has been sprinkled with Platinum). There's also a further eight gift sets, so there really is something for everyone, whatever their beauty passion.

Here I have the limited edition 'Three Nights Of Peace' set, it comes in a dinky little box, finished with a ribbon which carries the 'Scent To Make You Feel Good' slogan. Inside the box there are three mini bottles of the famous Neom bath oils. The scents included are; Tranquillity (English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine), Time to Unwind and Real Luxury (Jasmine, French lavender and Brazilian rosewood). Inside the box there is also access to the Neom Ultimate Sleep eBook (worth £9.99), which aims to give you practical advice on getting better quality sleep.

The three oils are incredibly potent and are all designed to induce sleep or deeply de-stress the body and mind. What I love about this gift is that you're almost giving a friend or a loved one the gift of pamper and sleep! It would be a lovely gift for a new Mum who needs to take some time for herself. 

The 'Three Nights Of Peace' kit retails for £14.95 and you can pick it up from Look Fantastic
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