Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Currently In My Makeup Bag...

All too often I forget to make the most out of my makeup collection. I have a LOT of products and great products sometimes get forgotten about. I've recently given my makeup bag a bit of a shake up and this is what has made the cut. All of these products have recently been reviewed on my blog, but they’ve also become staples in my routine. Lets take a look at what is currently in my makeup bag..

The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation has become a staple in my routine recently as it's perfect for when your skin is a bit dry. It has all the benefits of the Maybelline Superstay foundation; it buffs into the skin with ease, it covers imperfections and it doesn’t feel tacky on the skin. It has fantastic coverage too, which makes it good for days when you’re being a bit more demanding on your skin. It only costs £7.99, which I think is an absolute bargain! 

What I love about the Lunar Rose palette, is that all the colours perfectly compliment my eye colour, so it really is the perfect quad. Inside the palette there are four shades, which you can use on their own, or build up for a full eye look. There's a dusty baby pink, a lovely rose gold, a shimmer rose and finally a mauve shade that has a hint of shimmer. The eyeshadows last really well on my skin, they actually happen to last all day and they blend beautifully.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer has been a staple in my routine for a long time. It's not only by first ever concealer repurchase; it’s actually my first ever high-end repurchase. So that should be an indication of how much I love it. The concealer has a large doe foot applicator, which holds a lot of product. One dip in the tube gives me more than enough concealer for my whole face. The best part is that this works for everything; it's amazing for covering dark circles but it covers redness and blemishes too. 

Marc Jacobs - The Innocent palette
The Innocent is a gorgeous three-piece eyeshadow set by Marc Jacobs. The packaging is gorgeous (it's a lovely sleek black compact) but the contents are equally beautiful. The Innocent has two matte shades, a beige and a brown crease shade. The third shade is a glitter gold shade which looks incredible in the pan. The palette is a little bit of luxury and it's perfect for this time of year. 

This is one of those products that is worth the hype. It's a two part bronzer that has a light side and a darker side. It has "S&G" embossed in the powder, which looks super pretty when it first arrives, as it has a pink dusting to it. I have really pale skin, so I used to find bronzers really difficult to use but this is great as a contour and an all over bronzer. It's got the most gorgeous colour to it; it's not too muddy, too dark or too orange. It just blends into the skin and adds a really lovely warmth.

There's no doubt that this product looks incredible, it's one of the prettiest items in my whole makeup collection. The beautiful embossing takes inspiration from art deco and it feels like a work of art when it's sitting on my vanity. The formula of these is really quite special, it's very finely milled but there's absolutely no fallout as I swish my brush round in the pan. The highlighter blends into skin effortlessly and it doesn't seem to settle or crease. The powder has no glitter in it, so you just get the most gorgeous glow, without the glitter flecks falling on to your cheeks. 

The Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadows come packaged beautifully and the colour is so pigmented, you literally need the tiniest bit to give a wash of colour. It's buildable too, which means you can go for a full smokey eye, if the mood takes you. You have a couple of minutes to play around and then the formula sets and stays put all day. I have the shade Velvet Orchid but my current favourite is Misty Rock.

This is something quite different, when you look at the blusher in the pan, it looks like a sponge but it's actually a very special formula. Technically it's a lightweight powder, which has been made to be supple, soft and blendable. It's got a velvety feel to it and it actually feels like a cream blush as you touch it. The formula is incredibly pigmented, you really don't need much on the cheeks and it provides a lot of coverage with a small amount. The finish is matte, but it's not a drying matte shade, it's incredible wearable even when your skin is feeling dry. 

These brushes in the collection are incredibly soft, if you felt that the original brushes were soft, these are on a whole other level. Whilst the original Real Techniques brushes are beautiful quality, the Bold Metals collection offers something that feels luxury. These definitely are not just an "excuse" to charge more money, the brushes have a noticeable jump in quality, performance and style. I actually spent months trying to convince myself that I didn't need the fancy Bold Metals brushes by Real Techniques. However, when they released the luxury Christmas Sets, I knew that I would not be able to resist - I'm glad I caved! 

What products do you currently have in your makeup bag?
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