Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas Crackers from Roger & Gallet

Christmas has officially started here on Hope, Freedom, Love! I made a pact that I wouldn't start properly talking about Christmas until the middle of November. I have to admit that it was a real struggle sticking to this pact, but now the time has come! This year I've got a whole host of gifts that I'm going to be reviewing for you. So if you're looking for the perfect gift for your mum, dad, sister, boyfriend, best friend (or even yourself) you're in the right place! At the beginning of December I'll also be sharing my Christmas Gift Guides which will be a giant blog post sharing all of my favourite gifts for the season.

I'm kicking off my Christmas content with some great Christmas crackers from Roger & Gallet. Now if you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen me banging on about the whole Christmas collection from Roger & Gallet as it's utterly gorgeous. The Christmas Crackers come in at the budget end of the line up as they only cost £6! 

The crackers are all colour coded to the goodies they are hiding inside and they come in three scents. There's Fleur d'Osmanthus (here), Creme Sublime (here) and my personal favourite Fleur de Figuier (here). Inside the stunning floral packaging, there's a duo of products inside. First of all there's a tube of their best-selling hand cream and then as a little extra, there's a handbag sized perfume scent to match! 

I honestly think these are going to make great stocking fillers, but they are also perfect for your Christmas Tree, Christmas dinner gatherings or the dreaded Secret Santa. You can pick them up for £6 at Escentual.
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