Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Beautiful Mess...

A Beautiful Mess was initially a blog written by two sisters; Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. From their blog came a whole world of joy including a Photography Editing App, books and now a whole range of stationery/scrapbooking supplies. As well as creating individual pieces, A Beautiful Mess creates two subscription boxes 'Messy Box' and 'Happy Mail'. After watching Lily Melrose's unboxing videos, I was keen to get my hands on some goodies from A Beautiful Mess. The problem is that it's based in the USA and I couldn't justify the shipping costs. Then the sale started and I couldn't resist any longer...

The premise of Messy Box' and 'Happy Mail' is not unlike Glossybox and other beauty boxes. A box of goodies sent straight to your door, but instead of beauty items, it's stationery related! The sale included a variety of old subscription boxes at a reduce rate, with a special low-rate shipping charge. I ended up picking up one Messy Box and one Happy Mail box, as I was keen to see which I preferred! 

Happy Mail retails for $15 and subscribers get $50 of stationery delivered to their doorstep. There's a selection of cards, notepads, journals or even stickers; a great way to keep your stationery topped up with goodies. What I love about Happy Box is that you get a selection of cards to send to people which are completely unique! Messy Box is slightly more expensive and this box is a scrapbookers dream. There's everything from A4 printed sheets, to smaller cards, even smaller cards, washi tape, letters, acrylic shapes, literally everything you could dream of! Some of the things I've used for my own scrapbook and others have been stuck around my house or my desk at work. It really brings out your creativity and allows you to think outside the box!

Unfortunately I still have no idea which of the two boxes I prefer! I love that the Happy Mail box contains lots of funky items, but I also love that Messy Box has some gorgeous paper items that are covered in typography. I was really surprised at how quickly my goodies arrived, especially when you consider that they were shipped from the USA. Everything was beautifully packaged and now I'm resisting my inner demons to pick up a subscription to both boxes.

Check out the A Beautiful Mess shop online here. 
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