Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My Geek Box | A Genius & Geeky Gift Idea

When the lovely ladies at My Geek Box gave me the chance to review My Geek Box, I jumped at the chance. My Geek Box may not be traditional Hope, Freedom, Love content, but I have a feeling that a lot of my readers are going to like this post. Especially as I know that a lot of them have men in their lives that they struggle to buy for. Of course, My Geek Box is not limited to the men in your life, there are plenty of ladies in my life who would love this too! However, if this isn't your thing, feel free to skip this post, I'll be back to my normal beauty content tomorrow.

The premise of My Geek Box is really quite simple, dubbed to be the "coolest subscription box out there'. It's a mystery box filled with "geek gear" sent directly to your doorstep once a month. Each month has a theme, which can be anything from superheroes, to cartoon megastars. Every single box comes with a limited edition t-shirt, which comes in the size you choose at the start of your subscription. 

I've seen My Geek Box floating around for quite a while, with Christmas on the horizon, I really wanted to take delivery of My Geek Box, to see what the quality was like. The My Geek Box team gave me a choice of several boxes to play with, but I opted for the 'Toons Box', a box dedicated to the cartoon stars.

In the Toons Box there are six items, plus two packs of sweets, which any inner child would enjoy. The t-shirt in this particular box is Disney themed, it's Mickey Mouse's hand holding a pencil with the phrase 'Everything looks better in two dimensions'. Next in the box is a Simpsons' DONUT, which is just so cool! It actually has a little suction cup on it so you can attach it to your window, or you can just use it as a cushion. Then there are two items from Adventure Time; a set of Festival Wristbands and then an inflatable sword. I don't actually know anything about Adventure Time, but I understand it's pretty popular! Next we've got a pair of Family Guy socks and my personal favourite, a groovy Minion keyring.

I love that the items are so varied, I'm sure that no matter what your interests, there's something in this box that you would love. Not to mention, that you're bound to know somebody that will love the items that you're not so keen on. I could easily give each of these items to friends or family, as they each have different interests. It's definitely worth keeping an eye out for boxes that would appeal to your loved ones, as you could order them and keep them to wrap up as gifts at a later date. 

I honestly think My Geek Box would make a great present for any geek in your life, it only costs £17.99 and you have the option to sign up for one off boxes or longer subscriptions (which come in three, six and twelve month options). Right now all new My Geek Box customers can receive a 10% off their subscription by entering 'HELLO' at the checkout. I'm a big fan of this subscription box, I'd love to hear what you think about it in the comments below! 
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