Monday, 21 September 2015

The Invigorating Night Creme from Ole Henriksen

Trying the Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Creme*, was not an opportunity I wanted to pass up, so I jumped at the chance. It’s a beautiful cream, which aims to re-texturise and renew your skin, by encouraging cell renewal and revealing smoother skin. You use it overnight on clean skin and it does all the hard work why you sleep. Sounds great right? As someone who cannot get away with a heavy moisturiser in the day, using something at night is the only chance I get to repair my skin. 

I love the packaging of Ole Henriksen products and the Invigorating Night Creme is no different. It comes in lovely jar, which feels (and looks) luxury. It has very clean packaging, paired with a bright green label. Which actually prompted my boyfriend to ask why I was putting a bright green product on my face. Fear not, when you unscrew the lid, it reveals a lovely rich white cream. The ingredients of the Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Creme include glycolic, lactic and fruit acids, which all deeply penetrate the epidermis layer in your skin (which is why you should only use this product overnight). There is also Shea Butter (to soften and sooth your skin) and Vitamin C. 

I have quite greasy skin and I often worry about these kinds of products. As a lot of them can be quite heavy and thick, which tends to clog my pores. Luckily, there’s something really special about this product, which my skin loves. I was especially nervous as I was testing it following a horrendous breakout, but I honestly fell in love with it the first night I used it! It has provided me with incredible results, almost instantly, replenishing my skin from the previous breakout and not providing any new troubles.

The Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Crème feels utterly gorgeous on the skin! It soaks straight into the skin and it actually leaves my skin looking plumper almost instantly. There’s no greasy feeling, it’s just a very pleasant cream that disappears into the skin and leaves no residue. It feels like it pumps your skin with moisture, which is perfect for this time of year as it starts to get colder. It smells amazing too; it’s very fruity and fresh, which is always a bonus when it’s a product you sleep in! 

In the morning my skin looks visibly plumper, fresher and brighter, every single time I use it. Which is something I’ve certainly not experienced with many products! The moisture is still there in the morning too, which means you don’t wake up with that dry/tight skin feeling. 

The Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Creme is fairly pricey, with a £47 price tag for 50ml. However, I honestly think it’s a great investment for your skincare routine. A tiny little bit goes a long way, so I imagine that it will last a long time! The Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Crème is an exclusive to Escentual (here), who offer free delivery when you spend £30. 
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