Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Relaunch & NOTD

Tanya Burr recently announced the relaunch of her cosmetics line, featuring new packaging, colours, logos and products. I was a big fan of her original nail polishes, so I naturally wanted to compare the new one to the originals. When you put the old and new packaging together, you can really see why Tanya Burr has opted for the change. The new products definitely look more luxurious and fit more comfortably in the modern market.

The old square bottle has been replaced by a new rectangle shape, which is very similar to the likes of Nails Inc and Butter London. The nail polish has a shiny gold lid, which pops off to reveal the brush lid inside. The brush itself is quite wide, but it doesn't have the rounded tip like some of the other brands have. The writing on the bottle has been switched to gold detailing and there's now no mention of Eye Candy - the brand behind the original range. I'm not sure whether they are no longer part of the range, or whether they've just dropped them from the packaging. 

On to the polish itself! The shade I have here is 'Fairy Godmother', which is a lilac shade and it's a new shade to the range. The formula is quite thin, I found that I needed three good coats to get an opaque finish. It's also prone to streaking, so you need quite a lot of polish on your brush to avoid it dragging. These problems are not unique to this brand though, a pastel polish is pretty hard to get perfect, especially on a budget! The polish does dry quickly though, which makes the three coats easier to bare. The brush is pretty easy to use, I prefer brushes to have a rounded tip, but it distributed the polish well. 

All the faffing aside, I love the colour of 'Fairy Godmother' it's really very pretty and lovely for a whole host of occasions. The packaging is very nice and feels a lot more luxurious than the £5 price tag. I'd definitely like to try one of the other non-pastel shades to see how it compares! You can pick up the Tanya Burr Cosmetics line at Superdrug (link here)
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