Monday, 28 September 2015

Protect Your Eyes Through Winter With Eucerin

Eucerin is a brand that is more than 100 years old, they pride themselves on pioneering science and innovation in skincare, and it’s not something they plan on stopping anytime soon. With winter fast approaching, our skin is about to feel the effects of the cold. Most of us will start experiencing dehydrated skin that lacks moisture and plumpness. Luckily dehydrated skin, as opposed to dry skin, is only a temporary condition, which can be fixed. With this in mind, Eucerin have launched their new AQUAporin ACTIVE range - it is clinically proven to moisturise skin, whilst not aggravating sensitive skin.

As you may know, the skin around our eyes is particularly sensitive. This definitely shows for me through the winter months! My eyes tend to water a lot it, which means the cold gets to the areas around my eyes, making it really quite sore and red. Enter the AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Cream*... 

I’ve actually not tried many eye creams (I know I should experiment but it’s something I always forget to do) and it takes a lot for an eye cream to really interest me. The Revitalising Eye Cream from Eucerin, aims to do all the normal things an eye cream should. It fight signs of tiredness (dark circles, puffiness and fine lines) whilst providing moisture, leaving your eyes looking fresher and more awake. The eye cream comes in a small tube, which has very plain and simple packaging. You unscrew the lid to reveal a metal applicator tip, which (sadly) got me pretty excited, as a lot of brands have been experimenting with this type of applicator. 

To use the Revitalising Eye Cream, you simply apply it around your eye contour after cleansing. You can use it both in the morning and in the evening, as it leaves a great base for you to apply your makeup. It feels like a combination between a cream and a gel, you just need to work it into the eye area and it soaks away. A little bit goes a long way, which is great as it means this tube should last quite a long time!

It’s obviously pretty difficult to assess the results of an eye cream, as many of them won’t show true results for a long time. Although, what I can say is that my eyes have definitely looked fresher and brighter since using this. It's also doing a good job of protecting the skin around my eyes from the cold. However, what I love the most is the metal applicator, it feels incredibly cooling on the skin and it feels amazing as you apply it around the eye contour. The cooling effect definitely helps wake me up in the morning and it also helps my eyes feel fresher once I’ve removed my makeup at night.

The AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Cream is available now and it only retails for £15.50 (and it's actually only £14 with Escentual)! I think that’s a price point that everyone can afford and it’s honestly a worthwhile investment to help you through winter. You can pick it up from Escentual, Boots and Look Fantastic. 
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