Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Wet Brush - Effortless Hair Detangling

I’ve had a miniature version of The Wet Brush, since it arrived in a Look Fantastic Beauty Box in March. I completely fell in love with it! I’d been stuck in a hairbrush rut for a while, so I was pleased to find something that blew me away.

Whilst the small version was great, at times it was a little too small and a little hard to use. So I’ve recently swapped my Wet Brush Squirts for a full-size pastel mint alternative. It’s so pretty, I know it’s silly but I love mint! When it’s not on my nails, I’m painting my kitchen walls in the same shade.  So you can imagine how chuffed I am about it! 

The Wet Brush literally effortlessly detangles wet and dry hair effortlessly. It looks like a very traditional brush, it’s round and has a long handle. The handle is coated in rubber, which makes it really easy to hold, and you can get a firm grip. This is pretty important to me, you can't even imagine the amount of times my Tangle Teezer has flown across the room. 

I have permed, curly hair, so as you can imagine it’s pretty knotty at times. Yet, I feel no pain at all as I use The Wet Brush to remove knots from my hair - it doesn't pull at my scalp at all! The bristles are "flexible Intelliflex bristles", which glide through your hair and it does not feel harsh or scratchy on your scalp.

You can pick up the Wet Brush from Look Fantastic here, I cannot believe that I waited so long to pick up the full sized version. 
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