Tuesday, 18 August 2015

James & Friends Stationery

Obviously being a blogger (and someone who works in the video production industry) I find the online world a very exciting place. It’s incredible what people are able to achieve and the audiences they are able to reach. I have my favourite YouTuber’s that I watch very frequently and every now and then, they release merchandise. I actually have nothing against YouTuber's having merchandise, I think it’s a great way for viewers to support their favourite YouTubers, plus have something to keep as a momento. I do have a bit of a pet peeve though. What I hate is when it's just more of the same thing, something churned out to make a quick sale, which seemingly has no thought attached to it (even though I’m sure it takes a lot of effort to make any merchandise). 

So when Jim Chapman had everyone on tenterhooks for his latest announcement, I was in two minds whether it would be something that would be appeal to me. After all, I am a twenty-something working woman, as apposed to his usual target audience.  When Jim announced the launch of 'James & Friends' - a line of stationery - I actually thought it was pretty unique and I was quite interested in the range. 

James & Friends is a stationery range featuring notebooks, pens, ring binders, pencil cases, the list goes on. It all stemmed from a little doodle of a Robot Jim drew over a year ago, which he later decided would look great on stationery. All the items have a blogging/social media theme (as you would expect), which makes it the perfect addition to your blogging routine. I couldn't resist picking up a couple of items to try, so I thought I'd share them with you too!

The first thing I picked up is the A5 notebook; it's blue with a pink stripe finished with James the Robot and the phrase 'pin me, friend me, follow me, like me'. Inside there's lined paper with the James & Friends logo at the bottom of each page. It retails for £7 and is available from ASOS (here), as well as Amazon and Paper Ducks.

Next up is the Mini Jotter which I think is pretty cute. It's a green book with a camera on the front, with the phrase 'Notes To Selfie'. It's a great size to chuck in your bag, you can use it for whatever your heart desires, but I've found it great for shopping lists. This retails for £2 on Paper Ducks or you can buy it in a duo pack from ASOS (here).

The last thing I bought was the Ballpoint Pen, which arrives in a pink box with the phrase 'write on'. The pen itself is a very simple design, it has a red/blue colour scheme with the little robot at the bottom. It makes it very unisex and I think it's a great pen to chuck in your handbag. It's the only item that I found quite pricey, as it retails for £8 (here).

I don't think the design will be everyone's cup of tea, some people have noted that the items are aimed at quite a young audience. Whilst I see where they're coming from, I don't feel like they are too young for me or my demographic. There are some items I wouldn't personally use (such as the pencil cases or the stationery set) but I'm really happy with the things I picked up. If you're interested in the range, you can watch his announcement video here.
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