Sunday, 16 August 2015

Inside My Foundation Stash

I recently shared my blusher collection, which everyone seemed to enjoy. So today I wanted to give you sneak peek into my foundation collection. I should say that I've never ever tried a high end foundation (although there is a sneaky Tinted Moisturiser). For me, the high street has so much to offer, that the extra money has never seemed worth it. Before I delve into the contents of my drawers, it's worth noting that I have oily, combination skin, so most of these foundations are aimed at that skin type! 

The Mattifying Infallible Foundation from L’Oreal
I’ve banged on about this foundation a lot in recent times but it truly deserves all the hype. It comes in a sleek tube, with a small nozzle, so you squeeze the foundation out onto your brush or hand. It comes in six different shades, I have 'Porcelain' which is number 10, which is also the lightest shade. As you apply the foundation, you quickly see that a little goes a long way and it blends effortlessly. It leaves behind a flawless coverage, and I mean flawless. The finish is completely matt, but it's not too drying, or flakey, it just looks like skin! 
Retail price: £7.99 

This foundation has been my ‘everyday go-to’ for a long time! There are 10 shades available; I wear the shade ‘100 Ivory’. Rimmel describe this foundation to be "a match so perfect it's undetectable in any light" and I have to say, it really is perfect for my skin tone. The foundation is a really nice texture and the formula is fairly runny. It's not formulated to be dewy or matt, which is what makes it such a good all-rounder. It also has an SPF of 18, which is always a bonus for me! 
Retail price: £6.99

I’ve had Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation in my collection for ages. It’s a bit of a special product as it claims to reduce the visible effects of stress, which includes bumps, dullness and redness. From the moment I tried this foundation I loved it, it gives you a really good coverage and it feels so light on the skin. It completely evens out my skintone, covering all my sins whilst giving a radiant finish to the skin. It doesn't settle in my skin either, it glides over both oily and dry areas. There are only 8 shades to choose from and it has SPF20.
Retail price: £8.99

This foundation is one of the newer offerings from Rimmel to the foundation market. It claims to be a full coverage finish that is; sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for 25 hours. Although it performs well, it’s definitely not as good as the Mattifying Infallible Foundation from L’Oreal.  The foundation is quite thick in formula, but when it's on the skin it's really hydrating and lightweight. You barely feel like you have anything on your skin, it's not sticky or tacky. It covers my acne scares and brightens my dark circles too! As with all Rimmel foundations, I use the shade 'ivory' and it's the perfect match for my skin! It has SPF20 which makes it a good starting point if you’re using it on holiday. 
Retail price: £7.99 

Avon Ideal Flawless foundation
I would never have considered buying makeup by Avon, it was only when the Pixiwoo sisters mentioned this was great for my skin type that I looked into it. The rubbish thing about shopping with Avon is that have to guess your shade.  There are twelve shades to choose from in the UK, and 21 to choose from in America (why don’t we get all the shades?!) The foundation is a medium coverage, offering more coverage than the Rimmel Match Perfection for me. It’s thick in consistency which makes it feel really moisturising on the skin! It also blends effortlessly and it lasts all day. This foundation also has SPF15.
Retail price: £12

Before trying this product from ESPA I never understood Tinted Moisturiser, as they were always the wrong colour, rubbish coverage and oily formulas. This product literally changed my life! You have to spend a while blending it into your skin, but afterwards it gives you a completely even skintone. It’s buildable, so you can keep adding extra coverage and then I just add a little concealer over blemishes. The best thing is that really leaves your skin GLOWING, it’s beautiful. This is the only ‘high end’ base in my collection, but for me the price point really reflects the quality. It currently comes in three colours and it has SPF15. 
Retail price: £32

For me this foundation is a hybrid between the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation and the Avon Ideal Flawless foundation. It has all the benefits of the Superstay foundation; it buffs into the skin with ease, it covers imperfections and it doesn’t feel tacky on the skin. However, it brings the coverage of the Ideal Flawless foundation, which makes it good for days when you’re being a bit more demanding on your skin. There are 11 shades to choose from and it has SPF18.
Retail price: £7.99 

What are your favourite foundations? Do you like to invest in your base or shop on the high street?
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