Friday, 28 August 2015

From My Sample Drawer: Diptyque's Solid Perfume

I thought I'd start a new series on Hope, Freedom, Love featuring reviews of products from my sample stash! So once a week, I'll be sharing a cute miniature fresh from my sample drawer. Today I'm talking about this unusual product from Diptyque Paris!

Solid perfumes are something that is completely new too me, in fact, I’m sure it’s a new thing to a lot of people. The idea behind it comes from a more traditional method of perfumery, which is a pretty laborious process. The perfume makers have to go through a filtering process of the notes, until they eventually end up with a perfume ‘paste’. The paste is then submerged into a balm to create a solid fragrance. 

If you’ve never seen Diptyque's solid perfumes, you should definitely try and head to a counter. They are packaged in gorgeous black cases, which are engraved with the Diptyque logo. This little sample is not quite as elegant, but it’s not too shabby either. It has a plastic casing and a delicate pattern and some lettering decorating on the top.

There’s something quite special about these solid perfumes! I quite expected the formula to resemble a lip balm texture, but it’s actually very light. You place some on your finger and then dab it all the usual perfume spots; behind your ears, your neck, your collarbone and your wrist. I have the scent ‘Volutes’ which is designed for both men and women. It means it's been made as quite a woody scent, which has notes including; spices, Myrrh, flowers, tobacco and honey. I think if you sprayed this it would be quite heavy, but having it as a light touch makes it very elegant. 

I imagined the whole process behind a solid perfume to be a bit of a faff, but it is in fact very easy. The perfume gently applies to the skin and the scent slowly releases as the day progresses. What I like most is that I can chuck this in my handbag for a perfect on-the-go scent option! I imagine these being a lovely gift to receive too, a perfect little treat for someone you love.  Check out the range of solid perfumes from Diptyque at SpaceNK here
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