Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Add Baked Camembert To Your Summer BBQ

I was browsing my archives recently and I noticed that I haven't shared a recipe for ages! With moving house and life being very busy, sharing recipes with you fell by the wayside. However, I'm back with a new recipe and it doesn't get much better than this (at least for me anyway). 

Baked Camembert is a huge dinner party favourite, a classic for friends, couple and families. However, there's not much I enjoy more, than Baked Camembert as part of a summer BBQ in the garden. The best bit about this dish is that it's so easy and it takes no time at all. 

You just grab a Camembert from your supermarket, take it out the packaging and remove any plastic. You then grab a knife, score round the top edge and remove the top layer of skin from the top. After that, use the knife to create little slits all over the Camembert. From this point forward, it's all down to you to choose ingredients and accompaniments. What I do is grab some rosemary, either dried or fresh, whatever I have in the cupboards. I push the rosemary into all the slits and then drizzle the top with some olive oil. I then pop the Camembert on a baking tray and bake it at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. 

Whilst the Camembert is baking, I grab some ciabatta and slice it into chunks. I get a griddle pan and squish in a glove of garlic, I add some more olive oil and toast the bread.

Serve it all on a pretty chopping board or plate and prepare to impress all your friends! 
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