Monday, 15 June 2015

Hairbrush Innovation With The Befri Brush

I can never resist trying a new hairbrush, because I honestly feel like hairbrush innovation has come a long way in recent years. I used to walk into a shop and buy whatever was on offer, but these days I'm much more fussy.

When I was offered the chance to try the Befri Brush* I just couldn't say no, the whole design and innovation sounded so interesting and I had to give it a go. The Befri Brush is created by Nanokeratin System UK, claiming 'instant hair revival with advanced kinematic detangling'. The brush comes in a blue colour scheme, which I think is really pretty and easy on the eyes. It's very light which makes it easy for travelling and it has a good handle. The handle is particularly important to me, I often find that brushes can look great, but using them is a bit of faff. The handle on the Befri Brush gives you good control and you don't end up throwing it across the room mid-brush. 

The brush is a patented design, which has eight free-moving arms. You can see in the picture above that they are only joined at the bottom of the brush, the top of the arms move completely freely through the hair. This allows the arms to glide through the hair, to smooth out lumps and bumps with ease. As well as eight arms, the brush has 142 FlexiBristles that are anti-static bristles that have a conditioning effect on the hair.

You start by holding the brush in a vertical position, brushing through your whole head from the roots downwards. You then turn the brush and hold it horizontally, brushing through your hair again. You can use the brush both on wet and dry hair, but I can't say that this is a pain-free detangling brush. On my curly hair, there can be a bit of a pain particularly on stubborn knots and tangles, when my hair is dry. When my hair is wet however, it's a really nice brush, it glides through my hair without pulling or teasing at all. 

As well as using this brush on wet and dry hair, you can also use it when blow drying your hair. The vented structure facilitates the blow-drying process, as the holes in the brush allow the hot air to pass through. This speeds up the drying process and makes it a much quicker experience. 

Despite a little bit of pulling pain on stubborn knots, I'm really impressed with the Befri Brush. It does a really good job at brushing through my hair and I've found that it actually finds every knot and tangle, which other brushes tend to miss. The brush leaves my hair feeling really soft and it doesn't pull out my hair either, which I've found to be quite common with other brushes. Find out more about the Befri Brush on the Nanokeratin System website here
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