Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Decadent Iced Latte

Although the weather is a bit hit and miss at the moment – there is nothing I like more than an Iced Latte during the warmer months. Recently we’ve been enjoying this rather decadent iced latte recipe. We used our Blend Active blender from Breville and make a batch big enough for two of us to share.

You will need; Coconut Milk (we use this one from Alpro), ice cubes, a shot of espresso (we use the Instant Espresso from Nescafe), coffee ice cream (we use Carte D'or Gelateria Caffe Latte).

Now this next part is all personal, my perfect Iced Latte may not be yours. Feel free to experiment and switch it up as you see fit. Half fill your Blend Active bottle with Coconut Milk, add in four ice cubes, two scoops of coffee ice cream and your coffee. We dissolve about three teaspoons of espresso coffee in a tiny amount of hot water. Then blend your latte to your desired thickness – I serve mine in a latte glass with a pastel straw! 

I’d love to hear of any drink ideas you have for spring – leave them in the comments below.

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