Saturday, 25 April 2015

My Little Dream Box

My Little Box My Little Dream Box Beauty Subscription Box
My Little Box My Little Dream Box Beauty Subscription Box Stamper Ink Pad Necklace
My Little Box My Little Dream Box Beauty Subscription Box
Oh My Little Box, you do it to me every single month! A box filled to the brim with beautiful products, goodies and imagery. The boxes are always so full that you can't fit everything in one picture!  

This months theme is 'My Little Dream Box' - in the box I have three beauty items and three lifestyle items. The 'magazine' this month is in the form of a booklet that folds out into a really pretty poster. You can't miss the cloud shaped envelope, reading 'Once Upon A Dream'. Better yet inside the cloud there's a gorgeous little pendant! How do My Little Box think of these wonderful ideas?! There's also a rotating stamp and an ink pad, this is going to be super cute for my scrapbook! The boxes also had a piece of artwork which was a cute cloud with a famous Disney quote, but I think mine didn't make it's way in the box. 

The beauty items are a My Little Box hair mask, a NominoĆ« foaming cleanser and a really cute red tinted lip balm. A lot of people received a solid perfume instead of the NominoĆ«, which is the first time I've seen a variation in boxes. I love that every box has a beauty item made directly my My Little Box, the packaging is so sweet. 

This is truly the best subscription box on the planet! I honestly do not feel like I need to put it into words, the pictures speak for themselves. This month felt like a proper journey through the box, with hidden items and things that had me 'oohing' and 'ahhing'. My Little Box is a subscription service costing £11 a month, plus £3.95 P&P. Check out the website here:

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