Thursday, 2 April 2015

Cracking Out The Pastels

The Best Pastel Nail Polishes For Spring

Pastel Nail Polishes for Spring
The sun is finally starting to shine over the UK (well, allegedly whenever it's feeling kind) so its time to crack out the pastel shades. I have to admit that I personally love pastel shades all year round. However, it's definitely more socially acceptable in Spring. It's pretty damn hard to find pastel shades that still perform well, but I've four here to share with you (moving top to bottom). There's really something for everyone, whether you like baby pinks or stunning blues. 

Ciate Strawberry Milkshake
This formula separates quite a lot in the bottle, so you have to give it a really good shake. However on the nails it performs like a dream, you apply it with the fabulous Ciate brush and it dries quickly. It's a really creamy, baby pink shade which is little different to the other pink shades I have in my collection. I'm a big fan of the packaging from Ciate too, the bottle is sleek and the long handle is really easy to use. Strawberry Milkshake costs £9 and you can pick it up from Look Fantastic.

Models Own Hyper Gel in Lilac Sheen
For some reason I did not like the 'Hyper Gel' formula when I first tried it! I'm not sure if they've reformulated it a bit or if I've changed my tastes, but I'm so in love. I've built up quite the collection now, but 'Lilac Sheen' is the latest addition to the collection and I think it's beautiful. These polishes are so glossy and they actually last really well on the nails. The best bit is that the polish is so cheap and you can now pick it up from Superdrug! Lilac Sheen costs £4.99.

Nailberry Baby Blue
This shade is less baby blue and more minty green, this shade is right up my street. In fact, I'm completely mint obsessed (even my kitchen walls are mint green). I recently discovered Nailberry through Love Me Beauty and the polishes are amazing. I picked up three shades and I've been wearing them all on rotation. 'Baby Blue' is not streaky and it gives you full coverage in one coat! Baby Blue costs £13.50 and you can pick it up directly from Nailberry.

Sephora Formula X Continuum
Sadly you have to visit another country to get your hands on the Sephora Formula X polishes, which is certainly annoying! I have the shade Continuum which is a gorgeous sky blue from the 'New Classics' collection. The pigmentation of this is beautiful, you can get a great finish really quickly and the colour is beautiful! Formula X polishes cost $10.50 and you can pick them up in the US or Europe.

Have you started embracing pastel shades yet? Which is your favourite?

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