Saturday, 4 April 2015

Caving To Cult - MAC 217

Cult Makeup - MAC 217
You know those products that you REALLY want, but you delay buying them for a little while? The MAC 217 was one of those for me. I knew I wanted one in my collection but for some reason I never got around to purchasing. However, when I was wandering through duty free recently, I thought it was time to finally cave and get one!

I think what put me off for while was that everyone raves about it and I was worried that it just wouldn't live up to the hype. However, I have to say that all the raving is justified, this little black brush has transformed my eye makeup! If by chance, you've never heard about the MAC 217, it's a makeup brush designed for shading or blending colour. The brush has very fine bristles that are densely packed, which makes blending easy. I've never 'mastered' the smokey eye, or even properly blending colour through the crease. This brush makes light work of blending like I've never imagined was possible.

I apply a base colour to my eyelids with my Real Techniques Shading Brush and then I use the same brush to add the colour to my outer corner. I literally just plonk the colour on the lids and then grab the MAC 217 and blend, blend, blend - it's so easy. The brush is so soft so it doesn't irritate your skin and it just WORKS. Now I know how good these are, I'm definitely going to invest in a couple more! 

The MAC 217 retails for £19, but in duty free it only cost me £15 - what a bargain! 

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