Friday, 27 March 2015


When I found this NUDESTIX eyeshadow crayon sitting in the top of my Look Fantastic Beauty Box, it was safe to say I was chuffed! NUDESTIX has been getting a lot of great coverage and I was SO excited to try it out. I received the shade Gilt, which is a natural shade which has a metallic edge. 

The official name of this product is 'NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Colour' which is a durable eyeshadow pencil. The pencil aims to highlight, colour, line and primer your eyes to ensure they are in tip-top condition all day. As I mentioned, this is a pretty neutral colour, so I can't really comment about pigmentation. However, I can say that this pencil is super soft and blendable. I can draw this straight onto my eyelid as it doesn't drag or scratch. I just draw it on and then I tap it into my lid with my fingers. It stays in place all day, even on my oily eyelids, which is great as it means I don't have to worry about it.

It comes in a sleek back tube, which has fancy gold detailing around the bottom. It's obviously super portable which means it's perfect for your travel makeup bag. As it requires no extra tools and it's just a teeny pencil. My only real problem with this is that it's pretty pricey. When you consider that the high street is upping their eyeshadow game every second, there are comparable products on the market for a quarter of the price. In the meantime, if you do fancy a bit of a splurge, you can pick up Gilt from Look Fantastic for £24 hereI really want to try the lip and cheek pencils now, there are some really fabulous shades!

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