Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Love Me Beauty

Love Me Beauty Box February UK Beauty Box Boxes Nails Inc Nail Polishes OPI Purple

I do like a good beauty box, I actually think at times it's a bit of an addiction. The biggest problem with beauty boxes though, is that they are completely personal. Sometimes you're going to love them and others you're going to hate them. As time goes past I'm getting harder to please, we expect big things from beauty box brands.

Love Me Beauty has been around for a while, but they relaunched last year introducing a new business model. Instead of receiving a box of beauty products at random, you can now pick what you want to get. Each month you get issued with 'credits' and you can use those credits on whatever you like. You browse the 'Boutique' and pick whatever takes your fancy.

It's a really great idea because you can make a beauty box that is completely unique to you. Most people wouldn't like a box containing four nail polishes - but clearly it's right up my street. This month I opted for three Nails Inc polishes, one from OPI and a Pop Band hairband. However, if nail polish isn't your thing you can try skincare and makeup too - so normally there really is something for everyone. 

If the Love Me Beauty concept appeals to you, you can sign up at - it only costs £10 plus postage and postage. 

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