Monday, 30 March 2015

Ecotools Full Eyeshadow Brush

Full Eyeshadow Brush by Eco Tools Review
Ecotools specialises in creating eco-conscious products, namely their 'incredibly soft brushes'. I've never tried anything from the brand, so when I spotted the 'Full Eyeshadow Brush' in the Love Me Beauty options, I snapped it up.

I haven't tried a whole load of eyeshadow brushes, so it's really an area of my collection that I'm trying to focus on. The Full Eyeshadow Brush claims to be the perfect brush for 'every eye look'.  Ecotools say you can use this brush for a lots of different use cases including; shading, highlighting and blending. It really packs on the shadow and it seems to pick up pigmentation really well. You can use it for applying one colour and it's also great for adding definition to the crease. So, it's true what they say, it really is a great multi-tasker! The brush really is super soft, it's not scratchy or rough, it's really nice to use.

The brush itself is a plain brown handle, with 'Ecotools' printed on the side, leading up to a dark brown set of bristles. The bristles are slightly tapered in a dome shape, which means it fits the shape of the socket really well. It also fits well along the eyebrow, so it's great for adding a highlight to the brow bone. 

All-in-all it really is a great brush! The best bit? Well it only costs $3.99 if you're in America! The bad bit? In the UK it seems like it's pretty hard to get hold of, you have to result to eBay or other random sites, which is a bit of a shame!
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