Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Little Frenchie Box

It's easy to see why I've unsubscribed from other boxes when 'My Little Box' lands on my doorstop. This box has something for everyone, whether it's makeup, lifestyle or just great artwork. It's unlike any subscription box I've had in the past and really is incredible. The main problem for me is I can never fit all the goodies in one picture, it really is amazing.

This month it's the My Little Frenchie Box and I think it's my favourite one so far. Inside the box this month, the beauty stuff really rocks. There is a By Terry Kohl pencil, a L'Oreal Brow pencil, some DHC blotting papers and even a Skin Illuminator product made by My Little Box. The selection of products is fantastic; I love trying new brow products and who wouldn't want to try a product from By Terry?! 

The lifestyle products are good too! There is a gorgeous bottle full of little messages; My Little Box instructs us to open one each morning for a pick-me-up. There is also a really lovely smartphone case, which has a handy pocket for travelcards and things like that.

The box also comes with a gorgeous little bag which holds the beauty products, this months is covered in polka dots. There is also a magazine and a lovely poster which says "Life is never what it seems - and that's the great thing about it'. I'm going to be finding room for this piece in my scrapbook with all the other cute cards from the box.

My Little Box - I'm impressed and so I should be! This box is beautiful and I'm a huge fan of it! If you're a fan, you can subscribe to My Little Box here for £11 a month
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