Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sally Hansen Mega Shine

When all my top coats died I found myself running to Boots to find something new so I could paint my nails. My local Boots has a pretty limited nail selection, so I found myself picking up 'Mega Shine by Sally Hansen'. When buying a top coat I look two things; it needs to be fast drying and it needs to have a high shine finish.

The packaging of the topcoat is really simple and pretty. As you can see it's a metallic mirrored bottle with a metallic blue lid. The only real problem is you cannot see into the polish so I'll have no idea when it is running out!

Mega Shine is formulated with an 'exclusive micro-diamond formula' which has light-reflective diamond particles. It makes it a really shiny finish which I love! Sally Hansen say that the formula is designed to 'fuse' your coats together. 

The best bit about the top coat for me is the drying time. The instructions tell you to put a single thick coat on the top of your manicure and it dries your manicure very quickly! I haven't actually timed it but they claim that it takes 60 seconds. The worst thing for me is that the top coat can sometimes suffer from push back, leaving the tips of your polish bare!

The good news is t's only £6.39 (link here) which makes it pretty affordable!
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