Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Marc Jacobs The Innocent

I have one the the Marc Jacobs seven-shadow palettes (review here) and I love it! So when I nipped over the US I had to get my hands on another. None of the other seven-shadow palettes caught my eye, but this beauty did. This is 'The Innocent' a gorgeous three-piece eyeshadow set by Marc Jacobs.

I do not think I need to spend long on the packaging, lets be honest; it's gorgeous! It's a lovely sleek black compact, with a big mirror and silver details. It screams 'chic' and it well fits the price point. The Innocent has two matte shades, a beige and a brown crease shade. The third shade is a glitter gold shade which looks incredible in the pan.

If you apply the glittery shade with a fluffy brush, you don't get far very quickly. You need a dense brush and then you can truly get the pigmentation.  The matte shadows on the other hand, are buttery and really easy to work with. 

I'll be honest, at $39 this is a very indulgent palette. In fact you can get a palette just like this easy on the high street and it will probably cost under £5. However, if you like a little bit of luxury, it's gorgeous. It makes a great present and it is a lovely thing to own. You can pick it up form Sephora here
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