Friday, 5 December 2014


Instagram prints from Polargram

As our home gets closer and closer to being completed I'm starting to think more about what I want on the walls. I've had my heart set on printing my Instagram photographs and using them in photo frames scattered around the place.

I came across Polargram which is really quick and easy site. You just log in with your Instagram account, select the pictures you want and then pay for your order! You can choose from lots of different styles of photograph too. You can print them like Polaroid's or little squares like I chose. You can also print to canvas or have them framed for you! 

I had 48 pictures printed, which cost me £12. They probably took around a week to arrive and they are really great quality. I'm going to put 3 or 4 into white frames and put them in different places around the house. I quite like the idea of putting the food porn photographs in the kitchen as a bit of cooking inspiration! 

I think they'd make cute personalised Christmas tags if you're a bit crafty! 
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