Sunday, 9 November 2014

October Empties

It's that time again. That time where I share with you the things I've recently used up. I love reading these kinds of posts, if someone has finished something it tends to mean they are a fan. It I use something I hate, it tends to be pushed to the back of my drawers and never gets seen again. So here we go, the products that have been used up in October.

Aussie Dual Personality Hairspray
This hairspray is fabulous, in fact I'd go as far as to say it's my favourite hairspray. It smells incredible and it just does what it says on the tin. I love the fact that it's always on offer and I love that it's easy to get hold of. It it has a soft hold so you don't get sticky or crispy hair, it's just a strong hold without the faff. It's the only hairspray that can hold my full fringe in place all day. I just wish that you could buy it in a smaller size to use for travelling. 

Tresemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray
As I cannot get the Aussie hairspray in travel size, I often buy this to take abroad with me. I took this on holiday and when I went to America last month. I always buy this for travel and it's another product that just works. The only downside is that sometimes you can end up with crispy hair, but if you hold it far enough away it works well!

Garnier Pure Active Moisturiser
This is holy grail status for me. If you're a frequent reader of my blog you'll hear me talk about it all the time. It's in empties posts quite a lot as I use it every single day. A tube of this tends to last me the month, if not a little longer. It's perfect if you have oily skin and keeps skin spot free.

Revlon ColorStay Concealer
I've had this Revlon Concealer on-the-go for ages, but it's finally run out this month. I'm sad to see it go as it's a really great product. It's great for imperfections, but I prefer using it under the eyes. It gives really good coverage and it lasts well too!

Sure Maximum Protection 
This is the only deodorant I buy and I can't see me ever changing. It's another product with holy grail status as it's just fabulous. Want to stay sweat free all day long? Try this!

What products have you finished recently?
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