Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Scents From The Body Shop

Frosted Cranberry & Glazed Apple, £4 each.

Every year I sit eagerly awaiting the Christmas drop from The Body Shop. This year it took me a while to crack, but it eventually happened. I was waiting for a good offer, so when I ran out of shower gel and they had a buy two get two free offer, it was perfect timing. This year there are two scents that had caught my eye; Frosted Cranberry and Glazed Apple.

Glazed Apple
"This deliciously-scented shower gel is bursting with a mouth-watering glazed apple fragrance."
I'm a bit of an apple fan and anything with an apple scent has me instantly hooked. I had actually heard that the apple scent was more sickly than fresh, which kind of put me off. I am super glad that I went ahead and bought it anyway, because this is a gorgeous scent. I think this is somewhere in the middle; It's a lovely traditional apple scent with a hint of sugared sweetness mixed in!

Frosted Cranberry 
"This juicy-smelling shower gel is bursting with a mouth-watering Frosted Cranberry fragrance."
I love all kinds of berries, so Frosted Cranberry was another instant hit with me! It's very similar to all the other Cranberry scents that The Body Shop release every year. It has a rich fruity smell which is really Christmassy.

Both shower gels are soap free and rather rich, I love The Body Shop shower gels and my skin loves them too! They are all natural which means my skin doesn't get irritated or sore. I instantly notice the difference in the condition of my skin, when I use a different brand of shower gel. The best bit about The Body Shop is that there are so many scents so there is something for everyone. 
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