Friday, 24 October 2014


It's been a long time since I shared a restaurant post. I suppose it's actually been a long time since I've eaten out. Before I went to America, Amber and I headed to one of my favourite restaurants; Zaza. We tend to go to the one in Harpenden, but they have lots of different places dotted around. So it's well worth checking out if there are any restaurants near you.

Amber and I always go to Zaza for lunch as they have incredible lunch menus that are really good value for money. They are set menus with about 5-10 choices available for each course. They also have a special Sunday menu which features different items. This time I went for the Bruschetta to start; a mix of tomatoes, garlic, basil & rocket on toasted crostini. It was amazing and the tomatoes were super fresh and tasty! For main course I had Conchiglioni con Pollo; which is giant pasta shells filled with chicken, pesto & toasted pine nuts, with a cream & white wine sauce. Holy moly, this was amazing, it's the type of thing dreams are made of (if this is your thing). We branched out and also had dessert, I normally have Tiramisu, but I went for something different. This time I chose Cherry Yoghurt Semifreddo Torte; which is frozen yoghurt on a toffee biscuit base topped with wild cherries. This was very sour but very tasty! 

Two courses cost £14.90 on a Sunday and £9.90 Monday - Saturday, which is a bargain! 

This restaurant is one of the best italian places I've ever been too. In fact I think it's probably my favourite Italian restaurants of all time. Everything I have always tastes amazing and it's such good value for money.
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