Thursday, 23 October 2014

ASOS East West Tote Bag

ASOS East West Pocket Tote Bag

I've been on the look out for a new bag for quite a while as my normal bag is far too small. I wanted something big enough to chuck my macbook in when I travel, and something big enough to pack all my stuff in when I commute to work by train. 

I don't go to mad when it comes to handbags, I like something classic but pretty. It needs to be something that will match most of my outfits and it needs to be practical. I fell in love with the ASOS East West Tote Bag. 

It fits all my criteria for bags, it's black in colour and has beautiful gold details. It has one opening with closes with a zip and it has two pockets inside. One of the pockets can be zipped up and one of them is just open. It also has two pockets on the outside, which are perfect for your phone, or for anything you want within easy reach.

The bag is such a good size too, it can fit my macbook, headphones, ipad, notebook, lunch box, purse and even a couple of magazines! The pockets inside are perfect for my passport and pens when I was on the plane and it kept everything safe to and from America!

What do you look for when you buy handbags?
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