Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Weekly Roundup #17

I've been battling a cold this week and feeling a bit sorry for myself. In all fairness everyone at work seems to be ill too, so I think most people are feeling a bit worse for wear. I think I've managed to get over jet lag now, which is definitely a good thing. There is nothing worse than feeling knackered all the time. I had a lovely weekend which just consisted of me having two PJ days! I definitely need the R&R this weekend so I'm a happy girl.

The flat is coming along nicely and I'm really happy with the way things are going. It looks like were definitely going to be spending Christmas in our new home which makes me excited. It means we get to finally buy a huge Christmas tree, when we lived in Southampton we had a teeny tiny one, which looked a bit ill! It only cost us like £10 which is all our student budget could afford at the time! I'm not sure where we're going to buy it form so if you have any recommendations let me know! 

It's been a bit quiet on the shopping front which is good for my bank balance. However, I did cash in some of my Boots points on Friday! I picked up three gifts from Boots Christmas range, which I'm going to review for you guys! I did make one cheeky purchase thought, a half price Ciate advent calendar! 

This week was really exciting as I reached 1000 published posts! I've noticed the number getting close for quite a while and I posted #1000 on Monday! My blog also reached 3 years old on the 9th, so it's a bit of a double whammy! I posted about my blog story on Monday, so if you fancy reading it, click here.

I've posted reviews of some really fantastic products recently! There's the John Frieda Unwind Curls Creme, the Daisy Dream perfume and the More Brows Thickening Gel. I also dedicated a whole post to my favourite highlighters. I'm a bit of a highlighter addict, but you can read about my top five here
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