Friday, 31 October 2014

Autumn For Your Nails

I was looking through my nail collection earlier this week for some more Autumn nail shades. As I thought it was about time I shared with you all, my favourite nail polishes for Autumn time. You'll be right in thinking that three of these colours look very similar, but they are each subtly different. I'll talk you through them, starting at the top:

This shade from Rimmel is part of the Salon Pro range by Kate Moss. It's a dark and grungy grey shade which is unlike anything else I own. The Salon Pro formulation is beautiful, I have 5 colours and they are all incredible! The brush is a really lovely shape too, which makes it super easy to apply. This is the cheapest polish in my Autumn edit which makes it great value for money!

Nails Inc St Martins Lane, £10 (in a set)
This is my lightest shade in the edit, but it's a gorgeous magenta shade from Nails Inc. It's a lovely 'wine' shade which applies like a dream, dries quickly and lasts well too! 

You could be fooled into thinking this is similar to Punk Rock, but it is in fact a luscious purple shade. It's part of Essie's 2014 Resort Collection and I actually picked this up in America in March. This is a beautiful deep purple shade which looks lovely on its own or with lashings of glitter! It's quite a dark purple shade so it can look navy or even black depending on the light. 

I picked up 'Sequin Explosion' at Christmas time last year. It's a beautiful glitter packed full of autumn colours, there is purple, green, gold, red, blue and loads more. The glitter is all different sizes and it's lovely over a deep nail colour. A perfect one for Bonfire Night!

No More Film is very similar to Under The Twilight, but it's a tad more creamy. This means that more of the purple comes through and tends to look purple in all lights. There is something about this polish that I just love! I tend to wear it to work a lot with a silver glitter on the top!
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