Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What to buy in Sephora...

Sometimes a girl is lucky to have pretty amazing friends. Especially the type of friends that offer to go Sephora and complete hauls on your behalf? This exact situation happened to me last week and I found myself dipping into my wish list to find a shopping list. So, you have a friend or family member nipping to Sephora? Or maybe you're lucky enough to be going yourself? What should you put on your wish list?! (Thanks Amber for inspiring a blog post!) 

Of course this blog post could go on forever, but here are some of my top picks for Sephora hauling.

Marc Jacobs
I'm a bit of a Marc Jacobs fan, it just so happens that their makeup collection is available in America. I've heard amazing reviews about all of Marc Jacobs makeup collection, but my favourite items are the eyeshadow palettes. I picked up the 'The Lolita' ($59) palette in March, a stunning seven-piece palette. This time I've asked for 'The Innocent' ($39) palette, which is a stunning brown trio!

Rollerball Fragrance

Rollerballs are hard to come by in the UK, which is a shame because they are cheap to buy and super handy for travel. Sephora have rollerballs in almost every single scent and they only cost around $25. My current favourite perfume is the Daisy Dream fragrance from Marc Jacobs (here), but I really want to try Stella McCartney's L.I.L.Y. (here)
Sephora Brushes
Sephora makeup brushes get incredible reviews and I'd love to give loads of them a try. One I have my eye on at the moment is the 'Pro Airbrush' ($34) which is number #55. It's supposed to be amazing for flawless foundation application.

Tarte Cosmetics
I'm a huge fan of Tarte, everything I've tried always impresses me. I've actually asked my friend to pick me up the 'Rainforest After Dark' palette ($38), which is currently limited edition. If you fancy getting your hands on something cult, you could try one of the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes ($26). I have one and I've used it ALOT, it's amazing quality! Something else that gets great reviews is the Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush ($26).

Make Up Forever
A brand I really want to try is Make Up Forever! It's only available across the pond and people RAVE about it. First on the list is the HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($42), you can actually pick this up online, but I think I'd need to be colour matched in store. You can't talk about Make Up Forever without mentioning the HD Microfinish Powder ($32) - flawless skin in a single pot! The Full Cover Concealer ($32) gets a lot of coverage from Lily Pebbles, amongst a lot of other bloggers. It sounds perfect and it's actually waterproof!

I actually have one of the Sugar Lip Treatments in a red shade, but the shade 'Tulip' ($22) looks stunning. It sounds perfect for an everyday shade that I could wear to work. They are colour lip balms that instantly hydrates and gives protection of an SPF 15.

Sephora Formula X Nail Polishes
Another product that is raved by bloggers are the Formula X nail polishes ($10.50) that are made by Sephora. They are stunning shades and there are loads to choose from. I have my eye on 'Sky Blue'!

What is on your Sephora hit list?
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