Sunday, 31 August 2014

Kate Rockin’ Curves Mascara | Review

Kate Rockin’ Curves Mascara, £7.49

If there is one thing I like trying out, it's mascara! The Kate Rockin’ Curves Mascara was released earlier this year and is Kate Moss' first mascara for Rimmel London. I actually bought this when it was first released and it's been waiting in my stash ever since. Kate's mascara has the 'broken heart-shaped' brush which Rimmel claims matches the natural lash line to get every lash covered. You can probably tell from the picture, but the brush is pretty large, it's potentially the biggest mascara wand I've ever used.

When I first tried the Kate Rockin’ Curves Mascara I really wasn't impressed. The formula was very, very wet which paired with the new brush was a complete disaster for me. It was so messy to use and I just wasn't getting the results I wanted. I've now had it open for around 2 weeks and now the formula has tried out it's a lot easier to use. 

The brush is pretty impressive, it really does grab every single eyelash. The mascara itself is jet black which gives a really dramatic look to your lashes. Rimmel claim that the mascara gives your lashes all they need in one clean stroke. However, I'm not sure that I really agree, although you can pick up every lash, I don't think you get enough lift and volume in one stroke. One thing I will say is that this mascara smudges a fair bit, if you struggle when you don't use a waterproof formula, this isn't for you!

I really like this mascara, but it's definitely not my favourite of all-time! I naturally have quite long lashes, but what I really crave is volume. This mascara gives a bit of volume, but mainly length. However, if you prefer length over volume you should definitely check this out, it's fantastic!

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