Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Half Year Roundup

Instead of sharing a weekly roundup this week, I decided to do something a bit different. I recently read Strangeness and & Charm's recap on the first half of her year, and I thought it was such a great idea that I try my own.

January seems like so long ago now, the year has just flown by. The year always starts nice and positive as my birthday is in January. This year Chris really impressed me by getting me a whole string of presents which I just loved. I felt really loved and spoilt! On my Birthday he took me into London and we went to the Tower of London. We've never been before and it was great fun to look around. We followed the Tower of London with lunch and a spot of shopping in Selfridges.

In February we of course have valentines day, which was made extra special by the fact we bought our flat. We'd be in the purchasing process for around 6 months and Chris arranged it to finally complete on February 14th! Opening the door for the first time was a pretty emotional experience, we shared a glass of pink champagne and then spent the rest of the weekend tearing the place apart. We made the decision pretty early on that we were ripping the whole place back to bare plaster and starting again. (We are still decorating now!)
In February I also went to Nuremberg with work to cover a technology conference. I was just blown away by Nuremberg as a town, it's so pretty. I bought back plenty of German treats for us to try. 

In March I went to Dallas, Texas to cover another conference for work. I made a cheeky Sephora purchase which I had delivered to my hotel, I even went wild in Target on drugstore makeup and presents to bring home! It was the first time I'd ever travelled to America on my own and I was pretty nervous, but it worked out well!

April came along and Easter was spent with a lot of visits to friends and family! We had a great night bowling with my sister and her boyfriend. Travelled to Kent to see Chris' nan, aunt and cousin, ate good food and played lots of games. We also had a visit from Chris' best friend Phil! We went for a nice lunch at Red Hot World Buffet in MK and Phil really enjoyed it. We also nipped into IKEA whilst we were there and I picked up a Alex for all my makeup when we eventually move. I also managed to get my foot tangled in load of barbed wire at work, you can see the damage in the picture above, I've actually got a scar there now which is a bit rubbish! 

In May Chris and I decided that we were going to buy a brand new kitchen for the flat so we started the design process. We decided pretty early on that it would be a white kitchen, we initially designed one with Homebase but the quality was really bad, so we chose to buy with Wickes. I made Chris a Go-Karting birthday cake this year and was really pleased with it! 

Another month means another conference in my job, and this time it was just in England at the Beaumont Estate. On site they have this incredible 1800's chapel which they discovered with the move beautiful stained glass window. They also had stunning gardens which were beautiful to walk around. We started to get paint on the walls in the flat in May, you can see that the bathroom is a beautiful mint green colour. We went through a lot of tester pots when choosing the right colours. 

In June, we started to dismantle the kitchen in preparation for the new one to arrive and damaged the wall in the process. I had a bit of a lucky streak and won a beautiful SewLomax makeup bag!

On to the most recently set of pictures! The sun started to come out in June which meant summer berries are back! I love berries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, I love them all! Sounds silly but it's the small things that make a difference. We passed a year since leaving Southampton at the end of our degrees, we're at such a good place now in our lives and it feels good to have started a new chapter. It also marked our first year of working life and it just feels weird that so much time has passed!

 We repaired the kitchen wall and painted it a beautiful colour, and our new sofa arrived, YAY! We made a cute Minion Birthday cake for Chris' cousin which she loved! I went for the most beautiful afternoon tea with my best friend for her birthday at the Luton Hoo.

It's not been a bad start to the year, it's been tiring adjusting to working life. The decorating of the flat has taken a lot longer than we expected to, but we've had a lot of great days. How has your first half of the year been?
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