Saturday, 9 August 2014

Bad Beauty Habits

When Microscope Beauty posted her own list of ‘Bad Beauty Habit’s it really struck a chord with me. I was guilty of almost every item on her list and it got me thinking about my very own ‘Bad Beauty Habits’. I started keeping a list of things in my notebook, that I noticed to be a bad habit of mine. Here we go:

Not looking after my cuticles
I’m so bad at not looking after my cuticles properly. I make a habit of using cuticle remover and pushing down the beds, but I never trim them back. Most of the time they tend to look a little worse for wear!

Dirty Makeup Brushes
Sometimes I can get on a good roll of cleaning my brushes regularly, but the majority of the time it completely slips my mind.  The biggest problem for me is finding a time to clean them when I don’t need to use them the next day!

Chipped Toenails
I’m probably paint my fingernails three times a week, but when it comes to my toenails I’m pretty lazy. Which is a bit of problem in sandal season when your nail varnish is always chipped!

Messy Mascara
I’m really bad at applying mascara, it just ends up everywhere. It’s normally when I use a mascara with a big brush, but it appears all over my eyelids and sometimes ends up on my cheeks! I get through a lot of cotton buds.

Picking At Nail Polish
I’ve been known to paint my nails and then be polish free in the next 2-3 hours. When I’m stressed/nervous/bored I have a habit of picking it off. It’s probably my most annoying habit, but it does mean I get to use a lot of colours during the week. ;)

Being Indecisive and Impulse Buying
I literally go from one extreme to another. I can be in Boots browsing the aisles aimlessly, not picking up anything, not buying anything. Walking out empty handed when I need to pick up essentials. Other times I can be in Boots and walk out with 3-4 items that I’ve never heard of and not read about! More often than not, I end up with things I definitely not need!

What are your bad beauty habits?
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