Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tick Tock, I'm Looking For A Clock!

As the kitchen gets closer to completion, we've been on the look out for a clock to fill a particular space! I know I definitely want something a little retro with a bit of personality, but choosing the exact one leaves a lot of choice. The kitchen has light mint green walls with cream kitchen cupboards and a wood worktop. So I think I would something cream or maybe green to fill the space. As you can see each of the clocks are subtly different, in some cases it's hard to see any differences at all. 

Almost all the clocks are cream, but something draws me into number 1 (Debenhams £30) it's pale green colour is really pretty and would compliment everything beautifully! I think number 6 (John Lewis £30) is my next favourite,  it's a little more shabby chic in style. It's very similar to number 3, which is £10 more expensive (Debenhams) but has hands which are a bit more fancy. Number 5 (currently £7.99 in Argos) is there for good measure, it's completely different to all the other clocks, I think it's going to be one I buy for the bedroom though!

It seems a bit trivial worrying so much about a clock, but I want it to be just perfect for the room. Which clock jumps out at you? Which would be your favourite?

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