Saturday, 5 July 2014

Essie Shades That Have Stolen My Heart

 My nail polish collection is quite extreme, I have lots of different brands, lots of colours. Until recently I wouldn't have been able to pick one brand, but it's safe to say, it's Essie! There's something about this nail polish brand that just captures my heart, I feel like I could buy every bottle and still want more. 

Recently I've fallen in love with three shades in particular which I just needed to share with you all. They are all beautiful in their own right and perfect for summertime.

I'm going to go against the grain and go right-left on my swatches. The first colour is a coral pink shade called Peach Daquiri, it applies beautifully and just looks lovely. It's not too pink, it's not too coral, it's not too red. My perfect pink! Next is the famous Mint Candy Apple, this colour needs no introduction. I knew I'd love it from the minute I saw it ages ago and I do! However my favourite of the three is a shade called Lilacism. It's a shade that looks a bit 'meh' in the bottle but I've fallen head over heels for this shade. It's a perfect pastel purple which really suits my skintone! I'm very pale so pastels can leave me looking a bit washed out but this is perfect! I've worn it for two-weeks straight and I'm utterly obsessed!

Do you have a favourite nail polish brand? What is your favourite summer shade?
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