Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Weekly Roundup #4

It's back to Wednesday which means it is time for another weekly roundup! Last week felt really really long, so by the time the weekend came around I was desperate for some me time! I actually had a weekend full of lovely plans which was amazing. On Friday I met up with two of my oldest friends, who I hadn't seen for six years! We never had an argument or fell out, life just got in the way and we stopped chatting to each other. I was really nervous at first, I didn't know how things would go but we had a really lovely time. After six years you don't really know where to start! I'm hopeful that this will be the start of seeing each other more often. On Saturday I met with my friend Amber for lunch, we went to Zaza's and I had my normal food (breaded mushrooms and carbonara). I'm not going to bore you with another restaurant post about it though! On Sunday I just had a quiet day at home, I had planned on doing some blogging, but time just disappeared. Sadly there are not many photographs to show for my week, mainly because my brand new phone is broken. I have a swollen battery and the bloody thing will not turn on! 

On my blog this week I shared my love for the Timehop app, one I've been missing since my phone broke! Head over here to find out all about it! I also shared my brush cleaning routine, my Glossybox review and some skincare empties!

This week I have been loving Fleur De Force's Youtube channel, she shared her long awaited kitchen tour and I loved seeing what she had done! I am super jealous! Although yesterday my kitchen got delivered, I cannot wait for it to finally be installed! My product of the week goes to Essie's Lilacism, it is a beautiful pastel purple and I've worn it three times already. I cannot get enough!

How has your week been? What is your product of the week?
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