Monday, 9 June 2014

A Brush With Greatness

For a long time I’ve used a face brush as part of my face cleansing routine. This time I thought I’d try something new and picked out the ‘A Brush With Greatness’ from Soap and Glory. This was a complete and utter whimsical purchase, it caught my eye and came home!

“Face the day with radiant confidence. This double-action cleaning and massage brush gives you amazing face (while feeling amazing). Glow on, try it!”

This is a double sided brush which is designed to use when your cleansing your skin. I’ve never used anything quite like it, one side has bristles which aim to exfoliant the skin and the sililcone bristles on the other side give you a deep cleanse. Soap and Glory say that it’s designed to leave your skin feeling more radiant. What I like about face brushes is that they feel like you really work your cleanser into your skin, which makes it feel like you’ve had a really deep cleanse. You start with the bristle side, and then use the silicone side to massage the face to stimulate circulation. 

I’ve tried a few face brushes and this is probably the roughest one I’ve tried, it’s quite coarse on the skin. It doesn’t cause me any pain or irritation, but if you’re not a fan of these kinds of brushes you should probably steer clear. Soap and Glory say to use this everyday but my skin would never be a fan of that, I tend to use this once a week on a Sunday night to give my skin a nice deep clean before the new week starts!

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