Monday, 28 April 2014

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream

I'm back with a review of another beauty box item, this time it's the Mitchell and Peach Body Cream. I had put this to one side as it was the perfect size for travelling to use on a trip. 

Recently I had a trip to Dallas which is a long haul flight and my skin really suffers. It gets really dry so I wanted to have something with me to help moisturise after the flight. The Mitchell and Peach Body Cream has a very strong floral woody scent which isnt something I tend to use. I prefer to have something a bit lighter and normally a fruity scent. So this was something new for me! The official description of the scent is:

"With English honey, organic cocoa, vitamin B5 and shea butter, this Mitchell and Peach body cream is perfect to leave you feeling as though you’ve taken a walk in the English countryside."

The Mitchell and Peach Body Cream is white in colour and really rich in formulation. It was really thick in texture and I really expected to have to re shower after using it. I was pleasantly surprised,  it sunk into the skin and disappeared really quickly. In a few minutes it was untraceable on the skin. I used this every morning after showering and it made a positive difference to my skin, my skin was much more hydrated. However, I personally think this product is more a fancy every day treat, more than one that is made for dry skin or cracked/problematic skin. Its far too fragranced for healing skin so make sure you use it for the right job! 

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