Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Louise Young LY22 Brush Review

I picked up the Louise Young ‘mascara’ brush in a recent Selfridges haul and I’m now here to share my thoughts.

I know that these little brushes are not the most exciting of brushes and in all honesty there’s not much to say about them, but I needed one for my collection. Until now, I’d just been using the little brushes that came with eyebrow pencils and I thought it was about time to buy one for my collection. I literally just walked past the Louise Young section in Selfridges, saw the ‘mascara’ brush and I just thought ‘yep – that will do’. The Louise Young Mascara Brush is number LY22 and it was only £6 and it was worth the risk. Of course it’s not marketed for eyebrows but I thought it would certainly do the trick! I’m pleased to report that I’m really enjoying using this little brush, it’s fantastic for tidying up the brows, it sweeps through them before and after using an eyebrow pencil. It even works wonders for brushing through after using a brow gel! It’s sturdy, it’s useful and it just works!

Before now these brushes were quite hard to get hold of, but now you can buy them easily through BeautyBay! You can buy it here for £6 here.
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