Friday, 14 March 2014

Just Landed: Next Summer Collection

Yesterday Next sent me an email to say that they’d just released their brand new Summer collections and my heart got a little excited. It sounds pathetic, but I have a brand new home to kit out to fit with colour schemes and lovely things and so I ran straight to the website to check it out.

  I was super excited because they had lots and lots of lovely things, many being the exact things I’d been looking for. Our new kitchen is following a teal/mint theme and I’ve been on the hunt for some tea/coffee/sugar pots. I could not find some anywhere and I was feeling pretty disheartened by my rubbish findings. So I’m probably most excited by the Teal Storage Jars , the set of three are £24 and they are perfect! Another thing I’ve been looking for is a little water jug/bottle that I can put in the fridge to keep cold water at all times. So the You, Me and the Sea water bottle (for £6!) is perfect! Although I am a bit worried that it might be a little too small! If I end up getting the bottle I may not be able to resist the matching glasses, so cute! And they are such a bargain at £3.50 a pair! Keeping on the glasses theme, I’ve fallen head over heels for the teal bubble wine glasses, could they be more cute?! They retail for £16. There are also some really cute coasters (£7.50) that would be perfect for keeping in the kitchen, I love the wood and teal finishing with the cute message. If you’re one for garden parties or entertaining the large drinks dispenser holds 4 litres of liquid and it’s just perfect with it’s little ‘cheers’ message. It retails for £16 here

Switching over to the bathroom we have a really cute toilet seat with little fishes on it, this would be perfect as we have a blue theme in both bathrooms! It’s quite pricey at £30 but I’m not sure if I can resist. The white wicker mirror is super cute and will add a lovely nautical theme, I’m just not sure if its lightweight enough for the plasterboard walls. We’ve been looking for some little White Wicker Drawers to go into our bedroom or bathroom and these are lovely, again though, they seem quite pricey for £65 so we’ll have to go and check out the quality. The shell hooks will be a lovely way to store towels or dressing gowns and I love the cute detailing, worth it for £8. And for my final pick I’m in love with the little candles from Next, they would be lovely to place round the bath for that added beach theme, I think they are good value for £10! 

Head over to Next to check out their beautiful new pieces, it’s well worth a look because their stuff is stunning!
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