Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Effaclar Duo+

When I got my hands on the Effaclar Duo+I was super duper excited to try it out. The original Effaclar Duo received a lot of positive press from a whole host of big beauty bloggers as the product that "saved their skin". When news hit about a new and improved product that was going to tackle even more of our skin concerns, I thought it was sure to be a hit.

As soon as it arrived at my door I wasted no time slapping it all over my skin, it was a weekend and I was pretty excited to get trying! The product is white in colour in a nice creamy texture, it just feels like a moisturiser really. It's really easy to apply and it's easy to wear under makeup, in fact it creates a really good makeup base.

The only problem with it is that the cream really broke me out. I did a quick blog search and I couldn't find anything talking about similar cases and I was a bit confused. I gave it a good couple of weeks to give the product a chance to clear up my skin but it never happened.

At this point it sounds pretty bad, but bare with me! I stopped using the product, stuck it in the bathroom with the rest of my stash and then a week or so later I saw a few other bloggers reporting similar things. They mentioned that using the product as a targeted treatment on new spots to clear them up worked for them, so I gave it a go!

This is where Effaclar Duo + really worked for me, it was a fantastic spot treatment and it treated new spots without drying them out and without any issues. A win, win for me!

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