Monday, 10 February 2014

Week Five | 5:2 Diet

Another 5:2 diet update!

Day 29: Monday 3rd February 2014 (Fast Day)
Monday was fast day and I started with a very bad Skinny Latte from Starbucks, we’d stayed up watching the Superbowl (Bruno Mars was amazing!) and I just couldn’t cope with feeling so sleepy! It’s a 100 odd calories, so it’s not the end of the world, but you know! I had my usual crackers and tomato lunch and my salad dinner, this time with ham and egg!

Day 30: Tuesday 4th February 2014 (Normal Day)
On Tuesday I was really craving a nice pasta dinner, so Chris and I decided to save our calories and go all out with dinner! So I had my scrambled eggs for breakfast, crackers for lunch and then we made Salmon Pasta Bake with Be Good To Yourself Garlic Bread. I make it by boiling cream in a milk saucepan, I add a good helping of black pepper and 60g of chedder cheese. I cut up the raw salmon and chuck into the boiling cream, it cooks the salmon and makes you a lovely creamy sauce. Cook some spaghetti and mix it all together to create a yummy pasta dinner, it works out at around 948 calories with one slice of the garlic bread.

Day 31: Wednesday 5th February 2014 (Normal Day)
It’s save to say the naughtiness continued… I had been watching YouTube videos on the way to work and essiebutton had been eating a cream cheese bagel, and I needed one! I had this with a vanilla latte from Nescafe, heaven!

 I nipped to M&S and picked up a bagel and some medium fat cream cheese. If I’m honest I regretted it, because I had a major sugar crash at lunch time. Carbs for breakfast and me no longer mix! For dinner that day we had stirfry and it was amazing! We just had some mixed vegetable stirfry mix, added some chicken and some rice noodles, we even cracked in an egg, delicious!

Day 32: Thursday 6th February 2014 (Fast Day)

On Thursday I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, but I had them pretty late as I didn’t go into work until 11. So I just had a small Prawn Cocktail salad from M&S for lunch in at around 5pm. I had the worst journey home on Thursday, so it was save to say that I had no desire to eat dinner, but I just had a small, quick ham and egg salad.

Day 33: Friday 7th February 2014 (Normal Day)

It’s save to say that on Friday I wasn’t feel fantastic, I was having a crap day, I’d had a crap week and I was just feeling rubbish. Unfortunately, when I’m emotional like this I have no self control, I know it’s silly but when I’m stressed – I eat! There’s no excuse for it, but I eat something comforting and I just feel better. In the morning I went to the canteen and did, what seems to be a weekly tradition, cooked breakfast! It was lovely and it really yummy! Two cups of tea later and it was ready for lunch but I wasn’t really hungry, so I didn't have lunch, I did however have a naughty piece of cake that the girls bought into work! If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that it was Fajita Friday, followed by two glasses of rose, and some ice cream. It was the start of a slippery weekend!

Day 34: Saturday 8th February 2014 (Normal Day)
On Saturday we didn't have breakfast (as normal) and for lunch I could not resist cheese on toast for lunch. I've been so good at resisting cheese for the last five weeks and I couldn't last any longer! We had meatballs and spaghetti for dinner on Saturday with a lot of garlic bread and a large helping of grated cheese on the top! Followed by a portion of 'Chunky Chocolate Pudding' from Sainsburys... see what I mean about a slippery weekend...

Day 35: Sunday 9th February 2014 (Normal Day)
More Birthday celebrations meant a 'Birthday Fry Up' on Sunday morning, two eggs, two bacon and two slices of toast meant I was full until dinner. Which was very good news, we visited my sister in the evening for dinner and she treated us to pizza, garlic bread, potato salad, dough balls - basically carb heaven! Even polished it off with another glass and wine and a slice of cheesecake. Safe to say it was a very naughty weekend, though I'm totally paying for it today, I feel so ill!

I think it's safe to say that it's no surprise that I didn't lose weight this week. I did however just stay the same, so I'm fairly happy with that! If I'd gained weight I'd feel much worse! If you like these updates you should come over and follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I post my thoughts and feelings as the week goes on. 

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