Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Five Years | The Selfies

Today I'm celebrating five years with the man in my life, although it only seems like yesterday that I first met him. I'm not quite sure how to sum up five years, because now words will ever give it enough merit, so I'll just say this. They say time flies when you're having fun, I suppose that's why I'm not quite sure where the last five years have gone. We've experienced a lot together, had so many days filled with laughter and love, so many happy memories and there are so many stories to tell. We've just started a whole new chapter together, we have our first jobs, we finally own our first home and who knows what the future has in store. Sometimes life hasn't been as rosy as it seems today, but what hasn't broken us has only made us stronger, and although sometimes you do my head in and wind me up, I feel incredibly lucky to have you by my side every single day! I thank you for your constant support and your unconditional love, no day can ever be that bad when I get to come home to you! Here's to five fabulous years and so many more, I love you!

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