Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Anniversary Dinner | Five Years

Although we haven't actually moved into our new home because we're decorating it all so it's perfect, Chris surprised me with our first meal in the house for our anniversary! Obviously with the flat completing we're saving all our money for home bits so we didn't do presents or anything, but Chris did buy be the giant love pug from Sainsburys, so cute! We had a bit of a mushroom themed meal, we had fried flat mushrooms and breaded mushrooms to start, then my absolute favourite; spaghetti carbonara. It tasted absolutely incredible, Chris did a fantastic job, it's possibly the best I've ever had! We had some garlic bread with it too, heaven! For dessert we had my new favourite ice cream, Ben and Jerrys All or Nutting! Yummy! Thanks Chris for a lovely meal!
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