Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Empties 2013

I'm really trying my best recently to make an effort to finish things before using new items, as my stash is way too big. So I've been finishing quite a few bits and pieces over the last few months (for me anyway)

This month I've used up my Mark Hill Shampoo and Conditioner, I use the Big It Up! range for volume. It's a great range and the bottles seem to last for ages which is great! I alternate shampoo ranges, so now I'm trying something new and I'll go back to this next time. When I went to Paris at the start of the month I took a mini Batiste with me, I usually use the Brunette one, but I took the Cherry one and I actually prefer this one, so I've purchased a big one to use when I finish my Brunette one. I finally finished my Stay Matte Pressed Powder, another product that seems to live forever. Like most bloggers I absolutely love this powder, it's so cheap and so effective. Last but not least I finished the Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant, for some reason we don't seem to talk about deodorant on blogs, but this stuff is fantastic, I highly recommend it!
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