Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Products I've Used Up

I mentioned in my last empties post that I've making a big effort to get rid of all my half empty products, so now I have another load of things to talk about. We're staying with my in-laws so I have nowhere to store empties at the moment, so I need to do these posts fairly regularly!
First up is the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Hairspray, this has been sitting on my table of hair things for the longest time so I had to get rid of it. As far as I know it has nothing special to make it specially for brunette hair, but it's an average finishing spray in my opinion. It does the job but its not my favourite hairspray. Next up is Batiste Dark and Deep Brown Dry Shampoo, I get through dry shampoo so quickly now, so it's a fairly regular visitor in these posts. Next up I've actually finished up some makeup products which is always good, so I've finished my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. Although it's not technically finished, it has so many product left inside but I have no idea how to get it out, but the pump no longer works. I've also finished the False Lash Flutter mascara which is possibly my most favourite mascara. Last but not last is the Garnier Pure Active Moisturiser, which is bloody fantastic, so try it out if you suffer with spots and oily skin!
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