Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fragrance Direct - Essie Purchases

When news drops that Fragrance Direct have released a new range of Essie nail polishes for £1.99, I can never resist a gander.

Quite a few made their way into my basket, but I decided to downgrade to three of my favourites. I decided to pick up Madison Ave-Hue, Avenue Maintain and We're In It Together. Madison Ave-Hue is from the 2013 Spring collection, and is a bright pink with a subtle shimmer. Avenue Maintain, which is probably my favourite of the three, is also from the Spring 2013 and is a luscious blue shade. Lastly We're In It Together, is a light pink with the same kind of shimmer as Madison Ave-Hue. A set of beautiful editions for £1.99, I love them.

I definitely recommend keeping an eye on the Fragrance Direct website for Essie polishes!

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